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Is Medicare Plan F high deductible going away?

On January 1, 2020, a portion of the federal MACRA law goes into effect that impacts Medicare Supplement plans that pay the Medicare Part B deductible. As a result of the law, newly-eligible Medicare beneficiaries will no longer be able to enroll in Medigap Plan F. But will the law impact the high deductible version of Plan F?

Medigap Plan F High Deductible

Plan F High Deductible in 2020

The MACRA law eliminates Medigap plans that pay the Medicare Part B deductible. Plan F High Deductible has an annual deductible of $2,300. So surely it won't be impacted by the MACRA law, right? Nope. Despite the high deductible, Plan F High Deductible still covers the Part B deductible. Therefore, Plan F High Deductible will be eliminated beginning in 2020, just like regular Plan F. But if you already have Plan F High Deductible, you can keep it, just like those with Plan F can keep it.

Plan G High Deductible Starts in 2020

If you want a high deductible Medigap plan, fear not. Beginning in 2020, a new high deductible plan will be available: Medigap Plan G High Deductible. From a client standpoint, the Plan G High Deductible plan will be almost indistinguishable from the Plan F version (ie, a large deductible must be met before the plan pay). The key to its survival under MACRA is that after the plan's deductible is met, the client will then need to pay the Part B deductible.

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